A day from Chutki’s summer holidays

Last year, my friend Enakshi was on her terrace, watching her beautiful garden, when she saw her neighbours. That inspired this story, to render imaginary prose to the beautiful interaction of a grand-daughter and her grandma.

Chutki has no school!


Summer holidays are here and she drags her grandma to the rooftop to play.

Grandma says let us sing a prayer. It is your prayer time at school and my prayer time at home. And they sing the school song standing exactly like in the school assembly.


Then Chutki says, “grandma, let’s dance!”

“But I have never danced” says grandma.


“Never, ever? How come?

Let me show you. In school there is a new teacher who said everyone can dance!” Just look at me and do as I do, grandma.”


Now hold my hand and look up at the sky. Think of rain lashing on your face, the sound is like music, washing away the summer sweat,

You forget everything and dance in joy.

IMG-20190508-WA0024Jump to the left then jump to the right

One step back and hold my hands tight

IMG-20190508-WA0023Pretend we are a train…

Swaying to the music of the train and the rain…

chhuk chhuk chhuk chhuk….tip tip tip tip…


And circle and circle and circle

…and “all fall down…!!!”

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